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Upload / Download Options

CLIPPING PATH ONE has many options to send/upload and received / download your files. Choose one of the easy systems that you like:

1. Using our web uploading / downloading  system:

You can easily upload your images via our web uploader. There is no need for you to think of any third party application, just upload your file folder after zip/compress. After finishing your job we will send a link for download the file.

2. Using our FTP System:

When you have regular jobs and large number of files then we request you to use our FTP system for easy and faster uploading and downloading process. Just send a FTP request, we provide an access immediately for you.

3. Using your own FTP System :

If you feel free to use your own FTP system for transmit/s the files then you are most welcome. Just upload your files to your server and provide the login details we will download them from there and upload the files to your server when those are finished.

4. Using third party system:

You can use many of the third party system:, Dropbox, YouSendIt, SendThisFile etc. After finishing the job we will send a link for download the file via our dedicated server.

5. Send Hard Drive, CD, or DVD

If you think its burden to send large volume of files via internet and more time consuming then feel free to contact us, we have UK and USA supporting office, just copy your files onto Hard Drive, CD or DVD and send them by post to your nearest office. Note: Please discuss with us before sending Hard Drive, CD or DVD.

If you feel free to use other system then please contact with us before sending the files. We always appreciate your own selected way for transmit/s the files.